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               Thermal Camping & Motel

Tel.: +36/66 650-111, Mobil: +36/30 732-0338, +36/70 611-0423.

The Thermal Camping lies in city resort area of Gyula on 3.2 hectare with park, encompassed with a forest belt, in a restful surroundings,  from the city's center.
Approximately 1 km from the city center and 700 m from the hystorikal Catsle.

A resumed water system and a cooking block insure the comfort of the camping guests. 120 caravans built up one standing in and tent places are at our disposal.

20 pieces 4 concubines, we know a cheap accomodation opportunity to nearly 100 heads in our extra bed and heatable, bathroomed holiday resort house.


We are in service as the distinguished site of the transaction of programs with a big staff number; with good fare with catering, with own organization on the campsite's terrace- and with a cauldron or grill opportunity.

As youth accomodation the excursionist arriving here and we help camping groups to insure enduring experiences with program organization.

The city and its neighbourhood onto superb excursion opportunities groups and a pensioner offer an occasion, a hiker, a hiker for groups.


One of the country's most loved resort towns, Békés county are his tourism centres with Gyula's active tourism. With the city's pleasant climate, his shady parks, calmness ideal place to the relaxation. Gyula is one of the most considerable cultural centre of the noon plain with his rich ancient monument treasure and his historical past.

The city's principal attractiveness the former Almásy castle,a castle bath was established in his historic park declared nature conservation area with an area of 5 hectares, that from the campsite 700 m can be found. In place since 1985, qualified medical spa pool in the 19 Hungarian Baths Association as defined by the highest category, four star beach and spa classification won it. One of the country's largest spas wait for his guests with 5056 m2 of water surface, from which one the covered part 2384 m2.


From 2004 m of the deep well of the bath 72°C medicinal thermal water, which is suitable organ of locomotion one excellently, gushes up sicknesses, onto the redress of gynaecological complaints, and onto rehabilitative treatment after accidents.
Since the years continuously in a bath getting more beautiful with new, covered experience pools, was renewed with a therapy, childlike aquatic influence, the guests are waited for with a wellness centre, a Jacuzzi, a wave pool.

The other most important sight of Gyula who can be found beside the castle bath the XV. was being built in a hundred, and central-eastern Europe only his flatland Gothic brick castle, in which the castle museum works again, was left soundly.

Gyula is a real festival city. For the lovers of the culture, the to relax and the hosts organize the multitude of programs for guests desiring to have fun in a whole year (Gyula Nap, Kisüsti Fesztivál, Végvári Pünkösd, a Várszínház fesztiválprogramjai, Minden Magyarok Táncfesztiválja, Tűzoltózenekari and Mazsorett Fesztivál, Végvári Este, border fortress wine holiday).

Let us wait for our dear guests with whole one loved in a year!