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Our prices in different season (festivals,
local events) may different what you can see on our site.

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Thermal Camping & Motel

2012. yearly tariff:


For 1 Person: 6.000,- HUF / day

For 2 Persons: 8.600,- HUF/ day

Holiday resort house (appartement):

For 2 Persons: 8.000,- HUF/ day

For 3 Persons: 10.000,- HUF/ day

For 4 Persons: 11.000,- HUF/ day

For 5 Persons: 12.000,- HUF/ day


Caravan: 1.200,- HUF/ day

Tent: 1000,- HUF/ day

Automobile: 400,- HUF/ day

Electric accession: 800,- HUF/ day

Motorcycle: 400,- HUF/ day

The price of a domestic animal: 1000,-HUF/ day

The usage of a washing machine: 600,- HUF/ occasion

Off-peak period: January 01 - May 31.

Adult: 900,- HUF/ day
Child: 500,- HUF/ day (until 14 year ages)

High season: June 01- September 30.

Adult: 1.200,- HUF/ day
Child: 900,- HUF/ day
Travel tax: 380,- HUF/ person / day - from 18 year ages

Culinary opportunity the camping we can in his restaurant to ensure based on a preliminary negotiation on the undermentioned prices:

Continental breakfast: 700,- HUF/ day
Buffet meal breakfast: 1.000,- HUF/ day
Lunch (menu character): 1.200,- HUF/ day
Dinner (menu character): 1.200,- HUF/ day

Our prices it ÁFÁ-t it is implied. We accept holiday voucher!